Weddings galore, that is what’s in store for 2022. There are expected to be over 2.6 million weddings this year, a 40-year high. Several people had put off weddings during the pandemic, but everyone is more than ready to get back to normal, and that includes planning weddings. The pandemic has created many changes, and that will impact the trends for weddings this year. Let’s look at what’s in and what’s out when it comes to weddings in 2022.

What’s Out?

No more family style meals. Everyone is ready to move on from the limitations placed on gatherings, so no one wants the small family style meal, elegance and formality are in this year.

Also gone are the donut walls and all the other grab-and-go style food of the past several years. The trends are leaning toward the more formal table service and catering style events.

Balloon décor is out, and formal design is in. People are going for the more formal look and leaving behind the balloons and twinkle lights.

Wedding favors are also becoming a trend of the past. People are celebrating the moment and the time together, rather than focusing on the small wedding favors that are quickly tossed away.

One of the biggest changes to weddings is the tendency to leave traditions behind. What once was a pressure for couples to include numerous rituals because it was tradition, is quickly becoming a trend to do things different and unique, forget the past and make way for the future. Some of the traditions that are disappearing include bouquet tosses, garter tosses, and multiple toasts.


What’s In?

Electronic save-the-dates and invitations are here to stay. This trend grew during the pandemic and isn’t going away any time soon. People are much more budget conscious now, and this is a huge savings.

Diamond alternative rings are also growing in popularity, especially Moissanite because it is conflict-free, unlike diamonds. Handmade rings from artisan jewelers are a growing trend.

Videography is still a big necessity for all weddings, regardless of the size. People want that lasting memory of the day and the ability to share that with their family and friends.

There is a shortage in flower supplies, and that is impacting weddings in a big way. People are going for the more formal, small flower arrangements in unique vases and vessels that make a statement themselves, rather than the earthy, garden look that dominated the past few years. China and place settings are also dominating the décor this year, rather than floral arrangements.

Natural colors and neutral tones dominated the past several years, but this year it is all about color. Bright, vibrant colors that pop will be the trend in 2022. If there are underlying neutral tones, the popping colors will be intermixed.

The sheer number of weddings will make venues hard to find this year, and destination weddings will top the list. This is going to create numerous new trends, from more weekday weddings to more daytime weddings, to unique and creative options for décor, rentals, and catering.

Regardless of your wedding plans for this year, just remember it is all about the two of you. Plan whatever feels right for both of you and the rest will all come together. Trends are whatever you make them, and this is your chance to plan the wedding you have always dreamed of.

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