5 Exciting Baby Shower Games

Everyone wants to have a memorable baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of their child. Today’s baby showers come in many varieties, classical upscale showers, resembling an old-fashioned tea party, couples’ showers complete with alcohol, and traditional women only with crafts, to name just a few styles. Regardless of which type of baby shower you have, one thing that is common with all of them is an expectation of baby shower games.

The key to choosing the right baby shower games is knowing your guests and what will entertain them. Do you have an active bunch that will want to get up and move or a sedentary group that will prefer written games? If it is a couples’ shower you will want to plan games that include the guys. Whatever you decide to do, these five exciting baby shower games will be sure to liven up any party.

  • Emoji Anagrams 

Most millennials are familiar with communicating using emojis. A fun twist on the typical baby anagram game is to use emojis. Create a list of baby-related words using emojis in place of typical alphabet letters. Have fun with any prizes you choose to give away for your shower games. The prizes themselves can help to generate some fun and laughs.

  • Midnight Diapers

We all know those first several weeks after the baby arrives parents get very little sleep. A lack of sleep can leave people a little fuzzy-headed and irritable, so a little word of encouragement or some funny insight can help make those middle of the night diaper changes a little easier. Have a basket of diapers and some markers available and encourage your guests to write a little note to the parents that may lift them up a little during those midnight diaper changes. As a twist on the “bring a pack of diapers trend” you can also write this idea inside your invitations asking guests to come with a pack of pre-written midnight diapers. As new parents, no peeking, you will want to save these surprises for a few weeks until the glow wears off and you begin the “next diaper change is yours” bargaining.

  • Mom or Dad

This can be an especially fun game for a couples’ shower. You compile a list of things that the soon-to-be Mom or Dad has said or done during the pregnancy and let your guests try to guess which one said it. This will create several laughs. The more outrageous or misleading the statements or items on the list, the more fun you will have.

  • The Price Is Right

A fun favorite is the Price is Right game, baby-themed of course. Create some printouts of baby items and have your guests try to guess the prices. You can also play match the prices to the pictures. Think about the various games on the show the Price is Right and get creative with this one, using a large variety of baby items.

  • Diaper Changing Blindfolded

This game can be done individually, or as a team for couples’ showers. You can also add a little variety or make this as simple or difficult as you like. With your guests blindfolded and holding a diaper you can choose what you want them to diaper. It can be a baby doll, a balloon (using diaper pins of course), or to really make a splash use a water-filled balloon. If playing in teams the second team member must remove the first diaper, then re-diaper their baby.

Whatever games you choose, just remember to have fun. Make sure to include some simple opportunities to create some memories, such as decorating onesies or bibs, having each guest create a page for a baby book, etc. Congratulations on your baby and be sure to visit California Weddings and Events to plan those upcoming birthday parties and any other events.

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