Bridal Shower Themes

Whether you are a bride planning your own bridal shower, or the maid of honor or bridesmaid organizing the shower, developing a theme can help you with your planning. A theme can help you to tie all aspects of the shower together, from the invitations and décor to the food and games. Here are a few popular themes for you to consider.

Vintage Retro

One of the most popular styles of décor these days is vintage retro. Many people like the idea of looking back to a simpler time. You can take this theme in a few different directions. From “Old-Fashioned 1940’s” to “1950’s Housewife”, to “1960’s Mod”. The games for this one could include references to old movies and TV shows.

Boho Chic

Start with the artsy, whimsical invitations, and move on to an eclectic and cozy décor. Use a flowy vibe with a hippie mix, with pillows, tapestries, and lots of greenery. Don’t forget the flower crown, feathers, candles, and dreamcatchers. Picnic style finger foods and mix-and-match glassware are the touch for a boho theme.

French Elegance

Be inspired by the City of Love and include the Eiffel Tower in your décor. If a French theme is the choice, then eclairs and macarons are the pastries for the day. Think about all the famous French designers and embrace your inner Chanel as you decorate with Parisian flare.

Roaring 20’s

A Gatsby bridal shower offers everyone the opportunity to embrace the glamour. This theme makes a great co-ed bridal shower opportunity where everyone can celebrate with prohibition-style bootleg gin. Go for the food served in speakeasies: pretzels, peanuts, and chips. You can also serve finger sandwiches, Caesar salads, and deviled eggs. Chill the bottles and cans in a bathtub and serve martinis, mint julips, and champagne. The games can even offer a 20’s twist, with croquet and murder mysteries, but dancing is a necessity for this theme. You could even bring a dance instructor to give everyone a quick Charleston lesson!

Champagne Brunch

If you are looking for a little elegance, a champagne brunch can fit the bill. Start with a mimosa bar and use the champagne bottles and flute glasses to add to your décor. Donuts, cupcakes, and pastries all work well for a champagne brunch. Games aren’t a necessity, but can be more formal, stay-in-your-seat-style games if desired; think word scrambles, trivia, and name games.

Hawaiian Luau

A Hawaiian luau is the perfect theme for a summer bridal shower. Bold, vibrant colors are the key to this décor. An abundance of flowers (especially orchids and hibiscus), palm trees, flamingos, and leis are all a necessity. For the food, it has to be tropical fruits, Hawaiian pizza, ham, and fish. Consider hiring some hula dancers to entertain and maybe even provide a lesson. Don’t forget the beach and bonfire!

Tea Party

When it comes to a tea party it is all about elegance, unless you are thinking Mad Hatter, that is! When planning this theme, you must think about etiquette. From the fancy invitations to the elegant china, it’s all about sophistication. Give your guests the opportunity to get all dressed up and visit the grand hotel! If you are having a tea party, you must have tea! However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some champagne and cocktails, too!

Farmhouse Chic

Rustic is the “in” trend! A farmhouse chic bridal shower is the perfect accompaniment to a country-themed wedding, one of the most popular wedding trends today. One of the biggest benefits of a rustic theme is the cost savings. When it comes to decorating, think canning jars, picnic tables, wildflowers, burlap, lace, and candles. Simplistic and old-fashioned are the keys to a farmhouse chic bridal shower.

Nautical Escape

The perfect bridal shower theme for the couple who is setting sail on a cruise for their wedding or honeymoon is a nautical escape. Blue and white are typically the colors, and plenty of rope. Incorporate the “Tying the knot” phrase into the invitations, and decorate with anchors, buoy rings, starfish, seashells, rocks, and fishing nets. The same shapes can be used for cookies and decorating cake pops. Just jump on the boat, pick up an oar, and you are off on your nautical journey!

Tailgate Party

For the couple who loves sports, this is the perfect theme for a coed party. You can choose an actual sporting event and get a section of seats together for the whole bridal party, then top it off with a real tailgate party before the game. If their sport isn’t in season, you can create backyard games that guests can participate in, think corn hole, ladder game, washers, and more; and the tailgate party can blossom from there. Décor is simple, pick their favorite teams and go with it.

Whatever theme you choose, just keep the concept in mind and it will make the planning simple from there. California Weddings and Events is here to help you plan the big moments in your life!

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