Deciding on a theme for your event, whether it is a wedding, a party or a business event can be challenging. There are many great themes to choose from and one trending choice is to go with an earthy bohemian theme. Creating a boho theme can be inexpensive and a lot of fun by simply incorporating some earthy elements and using an eclectic touch of mix and match décor. So, collect a mix and variety of dinnerware, break out the old bottles and mason jars, dig deep into your earthy roots, and you are on your way to a fantastic boho event.

Incorporate a Natural Environment

One of the first things you can do to create a boho theme is choose a venue with a natural setting. Using a park, beach, botanical garden, desert, or even a greenhouse for your venue can provide just the backdrop you need for a boho theme. Using wooden structures, such as natural wooden chairs, a wooden arch for a wedding, a simple wooden podium for a business event, can all enhance the earthy vibe. You can also create a bar or tables with wine barrels and reclaimed wood, or simple backdrops with reclaimed wood. Candlelight, softly draped fabrics, macrame hangings, and dream catchers can also provide a sensual, boho ambiance.

Keep It Loose

The whole key to a boho theme is the wild and free atmosphere. This laid-back approach should be used throughout the whole décor. Any flowers you use should appear wildly natural as if they grew in their natural environment, avoid over arranging. The bohemian theme lends itself well to a buffet-style meal, but if you do choose to have place settings then simply drape the napkins across the plates for a more relaxed appearance than the formal starchy fold. Burning incense in strategic locations can also add to a fragrant atmosphere. Miniature tambourines can help incorporate that musical touch, use them as place cards or party favors as you greet your guests. Whatever décor you provide just remember to keep it loose.

Keeping it Wild

Wildflowers, vines, and ferns all speak to the bohemian soul. Use the natural structures throughout the venue and cover any poles and steel structures with vines, ferns, and wildflowers. Create an earthy feeling by using greenery and floral décor throughout your venue. Don’t forget to keep that same natural, wild look for any bouquets or floral wreaths. Single stem bud vases create a more boho vibe than large centerpieces. Succulents are also a great option, and greenery garlands. Focus on a more wild, untamed look and avoid making it look staged.


Greenery and wildflowers are a necessity for a boho theme, but you should also incorporate gemstones for that spiritual, enchanting effect. Great gemstone choices are agates and geodes because of their rich jewel colors. Rough stones, crystals, and quartz scattered across a table can create the enchantment you are looking for. You can also use gemstones with a little paint for place cards, or simply to weigh down typical cards.

Celestial Vibes

What’s a boho theme without the celestial vibes? Incorporating the moon and stars into your décor can provide that captivating inspiration you are looking for. Using candlelight with metallic materials of blue, bronze, and gold can help to provide that galactic feel. An outdoor night event opens the doors to the heavens and using candlelight, wicker lanterns, and small overhead draped lights can solidify the celestial vibe.

Remember, the whole key to a bohemian event is to keep it wild, loose, and eclectic. Have fun with digging into your earthy roots, mellowing to a celestial vibe and just embracing the whole nature spirit. Your boho event will be a hit if you just go with the flow! CA Weddings and Events provides you with great ideas and resources for planning your next great event.

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