Fall and winter weddings and events can be beautiful, especially in outdoor settings where nature can provide some stunning décor for you. However, if your event is going to be held outside, then you will want to ensure that you keep your guests warm and happy throughout the occasion. Be sure that your guests are informed if the event will be held outside, so they can dress accordingly, and let them know that you will have strategies in place to keep them warm. The different strategies you implement will not only keep your guests cozy but can add to the ambiance of your event.

Control the Environment

You can’t change the weather, but you can create an environment to deal with any weather situation. By using tents with walls, you can block rain, snow, and wind. Just blocking the wind will greatly improve your guests’ comfort but adding a few heaters will really keep them warm. Most rental companies that provide tents also rent out heaters, either electric or propane. A few heaters placed strategically throughout your tent will help to warm up the whole place. Talk with your rental experts to determine the right amount of heat you need for the size of shelter you are providing.

Fire pits can also improve the ambiance while providing your guests with some space to socialize and get warm. If you are holding an indoor/outdoor event, expecting guests to mingle throughout, then fire pits outside will add to your décor and create a warm atmosphere, encouraging them to step outside for a little while. A few strategically placed blankets can also provide a little extra warmth when needed.

Incorporate Warmth into the Décor

While you are planning your event and seating, consider the warmth of the chairs. Cushioned seats provide warmth from cold wood, plastic, or metal chairs. Outdoor seating around firepits that have warm cushions or are covered with blankets and throws will keep things cozy. Outdoor rugs will help warm up cold patio surfaces. Even candles are a great technique for creating a cozy atmosphere and providing the illusion of warmth.

Warm Them Up from the Inside

Providing warm food and drinks will warm up your guests from the inside. If you are serving a meal, consider incorporating warm food, such as hot soup instead of salads, warm bread, heavier main courses, and warm pies for dessert. If snacks are more the plan, then caramel apples, warm donuts, or a waffle cone bar can do the trick.

For warm drinks you have several options, from typical drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot cocoa, to fall and winter specialties, like hot apple cider or spiced cider, hot toddies, mulled wine, etc. You can create a hot cocoa bar and allow guests to doctor up their treat with toppings, such as marshmallows, chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, etc. If you are providing alcohol, you can consider whiskey or bourbon tastings to really spread the warmth.

Wrap Them Up

One way to ensure that everyone stays warm is to provide blanket keepsakes. You could get creative and write warm slogans on the blankets themselves or keep the cost down by wrapping them in ribbon with a little card, or a sign next to the basket. Some cute slogans that could be used include: “Baby, it’s cold outside”, “Snuggle Up”, and “To have and to hold, in case it gets cold”.

Don’t forget about keeping your VIPs warm, too. Brides and bridesmaids are typically dressed in attire that does not provide a lot of warmth, so adding a simple pashmina can make all the difference while still ensuring they look beautiful.


So, enjoy your outdoor fall or winter event and don’t worry about the cold. California Weddings and Events is here to make sure you think of all the little things you need to make your event a huge success and create wonderful, warm memories.

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