Planning a wedding or any type of event can be very intimidating and stressful. There are many aspects to be considered, from venue to food to entertainment. Some people will consider trying to take on many aspects of the event themselves or have well-meaning relatives and friends offer to help. That can be beneficial if those people are professional vendors, and disastrous if they do not have the experience to pull it off.

Many venues offer the option of handling all aspects of the event, so you do not have to obtain separate outside vendors for each of the various components of an event. However, this can increase your costs and severely limit your choices. You may have a free venue, someone with a great backyard that works well, or access to a church or community center for a reduced fee. In those situations, you will need to do your research and find vendors to provide the various elements for your event. The great thing about CA Weddings and Events is we have all the vendors you need listed on our website! We do the research for you, so you don’t have to worry a bit.

Once you have a venue you need to consider where your guests are going to sit. You may have a friend offer to provide tables and chairs for you, but you must consider the logistics of delivery and set-up. Using a professional vendor for your tables and chairs takes away those concerns, they will deliver, set up, and pick up on your schedule with no worries. They are also insured so you don’t have to worry about them damaging something at the venue during loading and unloading. Their reputation is also on the line, so you don’t have to worry about old chairs or tables that might collapse!

Entertainment is another factor to consider. Many people think they can just put a playlist together and hook up a sound system and be good to go. Have you considered who is going to oversee starting and stopping the music at appropriate announcement times, or making those announcements, or changing up the songs for requests? There are many areas where an experienced DJ can be a real advantage. They have the talent and experience to talk to large crowds, read their audience and know the proper tone and music to entertain them and troubleshoot their own equipment if something goes wrong. Entertainment can make or break an event and is best left to the experienced DJs.

When it comes to food, you want to bring in the experts! Don’t let that relative or friend who makes a great family dish use your event to practice for a large crowd. It will leave you disappointed and them frustrated. CA Wedding and Events has a list of great catering sources that will leave your guests happy and full and talking about your great event for a long time. Great food can leave a lasting impression when it comes to an event. Caterers also have the experience to help guide you in your menu choices depending on the type of event and activities you are having.

Regardless of which vendors you need, from a stylist to make you and your bridesmaids beautiful on your special day, to a photographer who can catch those precious moments with the right lighting and equipment, you want to make sure you cover all your bases by hiring the best vendors. CA Wedding and Events provides a vendor page for you to find the professional help you need to make your event a success. Vendors can contact us if they want to be featured in one of our categories. With just one website stop your search is over, pick a vendor from our list and you can’t go wrong!

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